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»Whoe’er would form eternal bonds Should weigh if heart to heart responds.« – these famous words by Schiller can also be applied to the world of franchising. After all, the German Franchising Association advises that potential operators find out as much as they can about the concept owner. La Luna has embedded this information phase in a procedure that ranges from initial contact all the way to contract signature. As well as several meetings, the information phase also includes taster days. These involve the potential partner working in a La Luna ice cream parlour to get to know all the necessary procedures and requirements at first hand. The two- to four-month information phase gives potential partners as well as our Head Office a common basis on which to assess whether long-term cooperation is in their mutual interest.

The magic formula for cooperation is TRUST: a concept operator trusts the concept owner to provide him with a ready-made concept, while the franchise owner has a moral duty not to abuse this trust. We would be very happy to establish this type of trust with you and to demonstrate it in the course of a long-term partnership! You will be able to familiarise yourself with all the operational procedures systematically – including personnel deployment, goods logistics, hygiene regulations (HACCP), accounting and general organisation.