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The guidelines define ice cream as follows: Ice cream is a food produced by freezing to a solid or paste-like consistency which is marketed in its frozen state and is intended to be consumed in this state; when thawed, ice cream loses its shape and changes its structure. Ice cream is predominantly produced using fresh milk, fresh cream, eggs, types of sugar, honey, drinking water, types of fruit and butter. Other ingredients are also used, depending on the respective variety of the ice cream and its flavour.

As the basic ingredients of our dairy ice cream are fresh milk and cream, the good nutrients in the milk also play their part in making our ice cream so outstanding. The list of ingredients used to flavour or decorate our ice cream is almost endless, ranging from cocoa, coffee and chocolate via nuts and nougat all the way to almonds and vanilla.

Our fruit-flavoured ice cream is manufactured using water from our own well and without the addition of milk, so is lactose-free. Our ice cream undergoes microbiological testing and further development in accordance with the latest findings and know-how in cooperation with an external laboratory.