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For us the quality of the product is at the forefront!

With us, the quality of the product takes centre stage. Production is organised on a central basis in order to ensure that the quality remains consistently high. All our ice cream is produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Geseke (NRW). Here, our original GELATO ice cream is manufactured from absolutely top-quality ingredients. Our own and external freezer transporters take the ice cream directly to the parlours, where it is stored in cold storage cells. Production has been scaled up since 2007, although we have retained the artisan process.

As we operate with an overrun of just 25-30%, our ice cream is very dense compared with industrially produced ice cream, which has an overrun of around 100%. Our ice cream is also made using only milk fats and cream, and without vegetable fats such as coconut oil. Our delicious ice cream varieties are created according to Italian recipes. They look and taste very different to industrially produced ice cream.

We are particularly proud of our range of beautifully garnished ice cream piled high in cabinet containers. We are the only provider in Germany to offer such an appealing form of presentation, which will showcase the ice cream perfectly in your sales cabinet and attract any number of customers to your parlour!