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We have established and opened over 50 ice cream parlours in almost 20 years, acquiring extensive know-how and a wealth of unparalleled experience in the process. The resulting network has provided us with access to reliable suppliers and special purchasing conditions. All this knowledge is passed on to our concept partners as of the initial contact. Cooperation with us – an experienced start-up support partner and business associate – is hugely beneficial. A sales product such as our Italian ice cream appeals to all types of consumer, as everybody likes to indulge in tasty treats now and again.

Before you open your ice cream parlour, we will support you in:

• planning the interior décor and keeping a close eye on construction work
• purchasing the most important equipment and furnishings
• getting to know the La Luna products, including manufacturing criteria, product handling, product range and the purchase of add-on products
• hiring and training staff
• planning launch activities, customer acquisition and approach strategies
• staging the grand opening event itself